Small Group/Private Singing Lessons - Music Lovers & Kids Born 2 Sing

Building Confidence, Talent, and Music Exploration

March 30, 2019

Want an activity that can benefit your child, even far beyond the experience itself?

Research has proven that structured music lessons can positively affect all areas of child development, including higher academic performance, cognitive and memory skills, confidence, focus, self-expression, language and listening skills, task completion, enhanced creativity, and so much more.

Born 2 Sing Kids is a unique opportunity for children to become empowered by the exploration of solo singing. More than just music lessons, students progress through a structured curriculum that allows them to discover their own voice and style while learning healthy vocal and performance techniques.

Studio owner Dana Lentini is masterful at working with children in one-on-one and group lessons, customizing to individual ability to ensure a confidence-building experience. She provides a positive, nurturing environment for all students while teaching them the beauty, elegance, and art of singing through music they love. 

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