Spring FUN Guide - Parks and Playgrounds

Get outside and play!

By Krista Nesbit, Publisher, Macaroni KID Lake Orion - Rochester Hills - Oxford April 9, 2023

The weather is changing, the flowers are blooming; Spring is in the air! Pack some snacks and head to one of these wonderful local parks and enjoy the outdoors. 


Atwater Park
Atwater Park is a 3.14-acre neighborhood park located in the eastern portion of the Village at the corner of Perry Street and Atwater Street.  This park generally is comprised of two distinct areas. The larger portion of the park is devoted to two ballfields. The two fields are situated in a square setting with the two infields opposite each other. Several bleachers and player benches are also found in this area. The baseball fields are maintained in part by the ball leagues that schedule games and practices here. The smaller section of the park, closest to AtwaterStreet, contains a mix of playgrounds and other recreation facilities.

Bald Mountain Recreation Area
1330 E. Greenshield Road, Lake Orion MI, 48360
(248) 693-6767
Featuring picnic areas, playground, boat launch, shooting range, swimming, beach house, hiking, mountain biking, fishing, wildlife viewing, snowmobiling, and cross-country skiing. Bald Mountain Recreation Area consists of 4,637 rolling acres that are home to extensive trails, inland lakes, trout streams and wild game accented by some of the steepest hills and most rugged terrain in southeastern Michigan. The park provides year-round recreation opportunities. 

Bald Mountain's water park, Water Warrior Island, features a 20-foot wall, the 25-foot slide and more. The course will challenge your abilities to climb, jump, balance and grip and test your strength. Ticket and reservation information, rules, height requirements and hours of operation can be found at

Children’s Park
This community park comprises 1.54 acres and is located in downtown Lake Orion. The park contains picnic tables, swings, playground equipment, and a gazebo. Children’s Park is home the DDA’s Annual Gazebo Concert Series that takes place throughout the summer. The gazebo can be rented for private events through the Village office. In 2022 the Lake Orion DDA invested for brand new playground equipment!

Friendship Park 
3380 Clarkston Road, Orion Charter Township, MI 48362
Dragon's Den  Let Them Playsm_thumbWith 134.97 acres of land, Friendship Park is the largest Township owned property. It is located at the intersection of Baldwin and Clarkston Roads with access from Clarkston Road. The park's building houses summer camps, preschool classes, yoga, tai chi, and safety classes, along with private rentals. The park incorporates the following facilities:

  • 4 Baseball Fields (4 lighted fields)
  • 8 Soccer Fields
  • ADA Accessible Miracle Field
  • Andrea Yatooma Home Plate Concession Stand and Restrooms
  • ADA Accessible Playground (Dragons Den)
  • 1 Wheelchair Accessible Playground
  • Park building with restrooms (indoor and outdoor access), indoor multi-purpose meeting room, small kitchen (45 people at tables or 75 seats) and covered outdoor portions (75 people at tables)
  • Restrooms in the northern area of the parks
  • Wedding Gazebo/Shelter (150-200 people in area)
  • Historic Howarth School House and Porritt Barn
  • Fishing Pond
  • Limestone surface park trails
  • Community Garden (plots available for rent. Contact the Parks and Recreation Department)
  • Coming Soon: 2 Pickleball Courts
  • Parking Areas
  • Park Rental Packet
  • Park Map

DRAGON'S DEN at Friendship Park
Ages: 5-12 yrs.
Accessibility: ADA Compliant

DSC_0228  DSC_0227

LET THEM PLAY at Friendship Park
Ages: All
Accessibility: 100% Wheelchair Accessible
DSC_0223  DSC_0224

Green’s Park
Downtown Lake Orion’s only park on the water!

Green’s Park is a highly visible community park located off of M-24. Home to the Dragon on the Lake Dragon Boat races, this 2-acre park is the Village’s only park on Lake Orion, with about 560 feet of frontage. The use of Green’s Park is mostly restricted those who purchase a Park Pass from the Village Office although there are times throughout the year that a park pass is not required. Green’s Park features a beach for swimming, two play structures, a restroom facility, and a concession/storage facility. Within the main park area, facilities include a basketball hoop, playground area, swings, picnic tables, water fountains, grills, benches, and bike racks. 

Camp Agawam 
1301 W. Clarkston Road, Orion Township, MI 48360
Camp Agawam is located in the heart of Orion Township, Michigan. The camp was previously owned and operated by the Boy Scouts of America, until 2014 at which point Orion Township took ownership. Camp Agawam offers a wide variety of opportunities for all ages. With roughly 140 acres, numerous campsites, rental facilities, walking trails, a chapel, and beautiful Tommy's Lake, this is truly a picturesque park in the middle of suburban life.

Camping Quiet Hours: 10PM-7AM

Ages: 3-5; 5-12
Accessibility: ADA Accessible 

DSC_0235  DSC_0236

Civic Center Park
2525 Joslyn Road, Orion Township, MI 48360
Civic Center Park is a 78.86 acre community park located on Joslyn Road north of Waldon Road with access from both roadways.ccp

  • 3 Baseball Fields (2 lighted)
  • 7 Soccer Fields
  • 2 Basketball Courts
  • Ice Rink (open seasonally)
  • Sheardy Pavilion (60 people at tables) with attached restrooms
  • 1 ADA accessible play structure
  • Limestone surface park trails
  • Wildwood Amphitheater
  • 2 access points to the Polly Ann Trail
  • Parking Areas
  • Park Rental Packet           

Ages: 5-12 yrs.
Accessibility: ADA Accessible

IMG_0244  IMG_0242


Jesse Decker Park
4080 N. Squirrel Road, Orion Township, MI 48359
Jesse Decker PhotoWith 24.65 acres of land, Jesse Decker Park is the newest Orion Township community park constructed in 2009. It is located in the southeast corner of the Township on Squirrel Road south of Silverbell Road. The park includes the following facilities:

  • 3 Youth Baseball Field
  • 1 Multipurpose Sports Field
  • 2 Tennis/Pickleball Courts
  • 1 Playground
  • Sledding Hill
  • Picnic Shelter (40 people at tables)
  • Asphalt and limestone surface park trails
  • Heron Springs Nature Area
  • Portable Restrooms
  • Parking Area
  • Parks Rental Packet

Ages: 3-5; 5-12 yrs.
Accessibility: ADA Accessible


Meek’s Park
Meek’s Park is a 1.62-acre community park located along the Paint Creek, in the eastern portion of the Village. Meek’s Park is a linear park with approximately 600 feet along the banks of Paint Creek. The park is accessed by a variety of methods. There are walkways leading to Meek’s Park from Glenn Street (east side), Broadway Street (west side), a pedestrian bridge from Washington Street (north side), and a pedestrian bridge from the Orion Art Center. Residents enjoy the opportunity to walk through this natural area, to stop and watch the ducks in the Creek, or simply to sit and visit with friends.

Wildwood Amphitheater
2700 Joslyn Ct. Lake Orion, MI 48360
This outdoor amphitheater is home to the Free Concerts in the Park series that takes place on Tuesdays in July. This venue also hosts outdoor film festivals, music festivals, outdoor movies and other public events. The Wildwood Amphitheater is available for private rentals. Interested parties should contact the Parks & Recreation Department at 248.391.0304 x3502 or
Wildwood Amphitheater Rental Packet

Playful Dragon - Pocket Park
4805 Baldwin Road, Orion Twp, MI 48359
Ages: 5-12
Accessibility: ADA Accessible Pathway

IMG_6555  IMG_6535

Paint Creek Trail - Lake Orion
The Paint Creek Trail was the first Rail-to-Trail in the State of Michigan, as it was converted to a trail from the former Penn Central Railroad. The trail is an 8.9-mile linear park, that opened to the public in 1983. The non-motorized trail is 8 feet wide and receives over 100,000 visitors annually. The Paint Creek Trail was extended in 2018. The trail runs from Rochester to Lake Orion.

Poly Ann Trail
The Polly Ann Trail is a 14.2 mile long, non-motorized trail that connects the communities of Orion Township, Oxford Township, the Village of Oxford, Addison Township, and the Village of Leonard. Our popular linear park utilizes the abandoned P.O. & N. railroad corridor and transverses through some of the most beautiful untouched landscape in northern Oakland County. The trail surface is crushed aggregate and some asphalt surface in densely populated areas.


Innovation Hills Park
2800 W. Hamlin Road, Rochester Hills, MI
Open daily 8am - 8pm

  • 110 acres (62 south of Clinton River plus 48 acres of Green Space north of river)
  • Currently under development - adding more play spaces!
  • Paved parking lot            
  • Access to Clinton River
  • Park Map
  • 1 mile of paved/boardwalk (trail kept clear of snow in winter)
  • 3 acre nature themed playground
  • Live Roof Shelter (available for rental)
  • Modern restrooms (closed for winter)
  • Ponds and waterfall (not flowing in winter)
  • Glowing pavement
  • Evening solar lighting
  • Doggy bag stations
  • Kayak Landing (1/4 mile from parking lot)
  • Kayak Carts (by reservation only)
    • Kayaks are not available. You may bring your own personal kayak. 
    • How to reserve a Kayak Cart - Kayak Cart Reservations can be made for the current calendar year only. Carts are available the first weekend in May until the first weekend in October from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm.
      • 3 days prior notice is required
      • All vehicles must be out of the parking lot prior to the posted closing time
      • Call 248-656-4673 during normal business hours to reserve

Avondale Park
3400 Bathurst Ave., Rochester Hills, MI
Open daily 8am to dusk.

  • 18.5 acres
  • Ball Field (reservable)
  • Multipurpose Sports Field (reservable)
  • Sand Volleyball Courts (2)
  • Tennis Courts (2)
  • Basketball Courts (2) 
  • Tot Lot (ages 2-5)
  • Play Structure (ages 5-12)
  • Picnic Area
  • Picnic Shelter

Brooklands Plaza
1585 E. Auburn Rd., Rochester Hills, MI

  • Splash Pad (reduced hours 9 am - 5 pm through September 30th) - To operate water features, press the activation arrow button on either of the two posts.
    • Brooklands Plaza splash pad and restrooms are open May 1st through September 30th, weather permitting.
  • Modern Restrooms (hours 10 am - 9 pm)
  • Café style tables and chairs
  • Evening lights for gathering

Paint Creek Trail - Rochester
The Paint Creek Trail is a 10-mile multipurpose trail located along the former right-of-way for the Penn Central Railroad. The trail begins in the Village of Lake Orion and enters the northwest portion of the city along the Paint Creek and continues to the Municipal Park, for a total of 0.6 miles (7 acres in area). There is also a short segment of trail located at the southeastern corner of the city. This segment proceeds southeast off of the Clinton River Trail and dead ends in Bloomer Park in Rochester Hills. Currently there is parking available at the Community House in Municipal Park, Halbach Field, as well as a small parking area for trail users at the intersection of Dutton Road and North Livernois Avenue. Between 2012 and 2018, fish habitat was improved, access to the stream and a bicycle repair station were added. 

Clinton River Trail 
The Clinton River Trail is a multi-use path that roughly parallels, and frequently crosses, the Clinton River. The path also traverses downtowns, industrial and residential areas and parks. The nearly 16-mile-long trail links Rochester with many communities, including Sylvan Lake, Pontiac, Auburn Hills and Rochester Hills. It also provides connections to the Macomb-Orchard Trail and the Paint Creek Trail (which connects to the Polly Ann Trail). Currently there is parking available where Letica Drive turns into East 2nd Street, next to the Rochester Avon Recreation Authority facility. Parking is also available to trail users is also provided within South Bridge Park. New signs, informational kiosks and benches have been added in the last few years. Also, a kayak launch/take out was installed at South Bridge Park with assistance from the Eagle Scouts and CRWC.

Rochester River Walk 
The Rochester River Walk is a multi-use path that connects the Paint Creek Trail with the Clinton River Trail, running through the heart of Rochester. Like the Paint Creek Trail, the River Walk borders the Paint Creek until it reaches the Clinton River. Along the River Walk, cyclists, runners, and walkers have easy access to the Clinton River, Lions Park, the Rochester Hills Public Library, Rotary Gateway Park, Downtown Rochester, Riverview Park and Municipal Park. 

Iron Belle Trail and Great Lake to Lake Trail 
These two premier cross-state trails running south to north and west to east, respectively, intersect each other within the City of Rochester. 

Rotary Gateway Park 
Rotary Gateway Park is located on the south side of the Paint Creek at the end of Water Street, west of the Rochester Hills Public Library. The Rochester River Walk runs along the northern edge of the park and connects Rotary Gateway Park to the Paint Creek and Clinton River Trails. The development of the park was a collaboration between the Rochester Rotary, the Downtown Development Authority (DDA), the Rochester Hills Public Library, and the Greater Rochester Area Community Foundation (GRACF). Rotary Gateway Park is a small, passive recreation site, with a path, benches, attractive landscaping and sculptures that provides an attractive and usable outdoor space for visitors at the library and downtown. 

Lions Park 
Lions Park is located on the east side of Water Street, south of University Drive, and was developed by collaboration between the Lions Club and the DDA. The park was designed for passive activities, and includes a landscaped area that forms a small amphitheater. The Royal Park Hotel is directly to the east. 

Watertown Park 
Watertown Park is located under the South Main Street. Bridge that crosses the Clinton River. The park features native wildflower plantings and a bio-pond that serves as a natural buffer between the Clinton River Trail and the Clinton River, filtering runoff water before it enters the river. The park offers river access and parking for trail users. The park space contains some open space, benches and signage. In 2010, the City partnered with local non-profits and businesses to construct the parking lots, river access point, wildflower plantings, and bio-pond. 

Downtown Rochester Parks
In 2017, two new pocket parks were created in Rochester’s downtown to enhance the community’s experience by adding a place to stop, sit or have a bite to eat.

Elizabeth Street Park
The Elizabeth Street Park is located on Elizabeth Street, north of 2nd Street. This park is in close proximity to condominiums, commercial and industrial development. There are several benches and picnic tables. 

Halbach Field & Memorial Grove 
Halbach Field is located on the south side of Woodward, adjacent to the Memorial Grove and the Paint Creek Trailway. Originally designed for baseball, the field was reconfigured for adult softball in the late 1970s and is now programmed for Little League baseball. Memorial Grove, located between Halbach Field and the Paint Creek Trailway, offers a place for living memorials (trees, shrubs, etc.) and a paved path. A tree identification map has been placed in the Grove. 

Howlett Park  
Howlett Park is located on the east side of Inglewood Avenue, north of Romeo Street. With the exception of a small playscape located near Holy Family School, the site is undeveloped. With help from the “Friends of Howlett Park,” a wildflower section has been established. The hilly nature of the site makes it conducive to certain activities, including sledding during the winter, and providing an open area for children to run and others to relax. 

Scott Street Park – Jaycee Field 
The Scott Street Park is located on the north side of Woodward Avenue, directly across the street from Halbach Field. In addition to the Jaycee Baseball Field, which was improved since 2012 with the help of Rochester University, Scott Street Park contains a full-size as well as a half size basketball court. 

Municipal Park  
The Rochester Municipal Park is the largest recreation facility in the city. There is an amphitheater, memorial benches, a pollinator garden with a sun dial, tot lots, seating shelter, and paths with universal access to Municipal Pond.

Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve 
The Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve is located in the northwest corner of the city, off of North Hill Circle. Paint Creek meanders through the site, which also contains relatively dense hardwoods. A variety of educational programs are offered through the interpretive center located on the nature preserve grounds.

Borden Park  
1400 E. Hamlin Rd., Rochester Hills, MI
Open daily 8am to dusk.  
Located at the southeast corner of John R and Hamlin Roads.

  • 143-acre park/sports complex
  • 4 lighted softball/baseball fields (reservable)               
  • 5 full-size soccer fields with lighted World Cup field (reservable)
  • 6 small-size soccer fields (reservable)
  • 1 small-size soccer field (non-reservable)
  • 1 multipurpose field (non-reservable)
  • 2 tennis courts - Closed until Spring
  • 8 pickleball courts- Closed until Spring
  • 3 basketball courts
  • 1 grass volleyball court
  • 7-station softball/hardball batting cages - Closed for the 2023 Season
  • 2 roller hockey rinks
  • play structure
  • picnic tables
  • 30 acres wooded wetlands/nature area
  • 3 measured fitness loops
  • doggy bag stations
  • modern restrooms 

Bloomer Park 
Located at the north end of John R Road, the park contains 207 acres of active recreation opportunities such as hiking and biking trails, a cricket field, and a velodrome. 


  • three shelters and one tent (available for rental)               
  • picnic areas with charcoal grills                
  • play structures
  • cricket/multi-purpose field closed for renovations through 2023
  • sledding/tobogganing hill (heated restroom available)
  • volleyball nets
  • hiking/mountain bike trails
  • historic features (Bloomer Park was a State Park from 1924 until the City of Rochester Hills took ownership in 1994)
  • modern restrooms (seasonal)

Yates Roadside Park - Currently closed
Located north of Avon and Dequindre Roads, the roadside park features 4 acres adjacent to Yates Cider Mill used for fishing and picnicking. Please Note: Public access to Yates Park is closed until the completion of the ongoing water main installation and roundabout creation work by GLWA's contractor Kiewit.  The estimated date for reopening access to Yates Park is mid-August 2023.

Helen V. Allen Park  
Located on the south side of School Road, between John R and Dequindre Roads, this neighborhoods park features a walking pathway. 

Avon Nature Area  
Located at the southwest corner of Avon and Livernois Roads, this park features 97 acres that front the Clinton River. 

Van Hoosen Farm  
Located on Van Hoosen Road, south of East Tienken Road, the Van Hoosen Farm hosts a museum that interprets, preserves and collects the history of Rochester for present and future generations. Located in Stoney Creek Village, which is listed in the National Register of Historic Places, this 16-acre museum complex was home to the Taylor and Van Hoosen families dating back to 1823. It features structures original to the property from 1840 to the early 20th century. It features a restored 1927 dairy barn are well-designed and informative exhibits highlighting the settlement, agriculture, industry and cultural evolution of this community. The museum serves as the repository for artifacts and archives related to the greater Rochester area and offers access for research. 

Thelma Spencer Park (Park vehicle passes required)
3701 John R Rd., Rochester Hills, MI
Open daily from 10am to dusk.
Thelma Spencer Park, just off of John R. Road, is a small waterfront park on 100 acre Carter Lake featuring a small beach, swimming, fishing, and a small boat rental, modern restrooms, picnic tables with a shelter and grill, and a playground area available. Thelma Spencer Park has hiking trails as well.
Swimming Hours:  Closed until Memorial Weekend 2023.

  • 113-acre park
  • 38-acre lake
  • Lifeguarded beach (open Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day - staff permitting)
  • Watercraft Rentals
  • Concession stand  
  • Accessible fishing pier
  • One shelter and two tents (available for rental)
  • Picnic Areas with charcoal grills
  • Play Structure
  • Tennis Courts
  • Sand Volleyball Court
  • Ladder Golf & Picnic Table Checkers
  • Wooded Nature Paths
  • Modern Restrooms 

Wabash Park
100 Wabash Road, Rochester Hills, MI
Open daily 8am to dusk.

  • 3.7 acres
  • Picnic tables 
  • BBQ grill
  • Play structure


Bear Creek Nature Preserve  
Located between Snell and Gunn Roads, this park consists of a 107-acre nature preserve. 

Blue Heron Environmental Area  
Located along Rochester Road, between Gunn and Buell Roads, the park contains 139 acres of wetlands, forests and open farmlands. The herons, who give the park its name, return to their home here annually.  

Marsh View Park 
Located on the north side of Clarkston Road, west of Adams Road, the park contains 91 acres of sports fields, basketball courts and archery range. There is a large observation deck and plenty of paved, winding paths that take you around the park and lead to trails.  

Stony Creek Ravine Nature Park  
Located off of Snell Road, east of Sheldon Road, the park contains 60 acres of oak hardwood forest that leads to a scenic overlook above Stony Creek. There are no bathrooms, benches, playgrounds, picnic areas or any other amenities, but there are plenty of opportunities for fishing and hunting in the park between October 1 and December 31. 

O’Connor Nature Park  
Located at the northeast corner of Mead Road and Rochester Road.


Oakwood Lake Township Park
550 Oakwood Road, Oxford, MI
Park open dawn to dusk, year-round.
Click here for trail map
This 300 acre park has many beautiful natural attributes as well as a wide variety of wild life and plants. A branch of the Flint River runs directly through the entire park. A parking lot, numerous hiking trails and paths to Rossman Lake will be available this year.

Powell Lake Township Park
530 Pontiac Street, Oxford, MI (Adjacent to the Oxford Library)
Park open dawn to dusk, year-round.

This 56-acre park features passive recreation activities including a 1 mile asphalt nature trail fishing on Powell Lake, boardwalks and access to the Polly Ann Trail. 


Seymour Lake Township Park
2795 Seymour Lake Road, Oxford, MI
Park open dawn to dusk, year-round.

Kids Kingdom bathrooms are open for the season. This 132-acre park has four lighted tennis courts, four softball fields (two lighted), four baseball fields, eight premier soccer fields, playgrounds, picnic areas, Smith Silo, Prince Pavilion & Hanson Pavilion, fitness trail, the “Red Flyer Run” sledding hill, 18 hole Disc Golf course, two sand volleyball courts, basketball court, Gaga Ball pit, 14 acre multipurpose complex, our Community Build Playground “Kids Kingdom”, swing sets, restrooms and the K.L.R. Splash Pad.

Stony Lake Township Park
1397 Lapeer Road, Oxford, MI
Open dawn to dusk, year-round. This 13-acre park has a beach, three picnic pavilions (Albertson, Brabb, & Martin), a gazebo, restrooms, boat launch, playground, and picnic areas with tables and grills. Ice fishing and ice skating are permitted on Stony Lake. 

beach at lake


Addison Oaks (Addison Township) 
A 1,140-acre park, featuring a playground, mountain biking, disc golf, wildlife viewing, picnicking, boating, camping, spring-fed ponds, swimming, hiking, fishing, banquet and conference center, over 20 miles of trails and ice fishing. 

Glen Oaks (Farmington Hills) 
An 18-hole golf course, featuring cross country skiing, banquet facilities. 

Groveland Oaks (Holly) 
A 360-acre park, with modern camp sites, playground, picnicking, water slide, court sports, fishing, swimming, hike and bike trails, Stewart Lake beach, boat, canoe and bike rental, mini golf and skateboard area. 

Independence Oaks (Clarkston)
A 1,285-acre park with fishing, picnicking, swimming, playground, wild-life viewing, welcome center, over 10 miles of marked nature and groomed ski trails, amphitheater, boat launch, ice skating, ice fishing and warming shelter. 

Lyons Oaks (Lyon Township / Wixom) 
Contains 1,040 acres, with an 18-hole golf course, clubhouse, banquet facility, day use park with 13-acre off-leash dog park, over 5 miles of multi-use trails, trail head, shelter, playground, and recreation fields. 

Orion Oaks (Orion Township) 
Contains 915 acres, over 14 miles of trail, dog park, non-motorized boat launch, hiking, mountain biking, fishing, nature study, and winter recreation (ice-fishing, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing - ungroomed).

Red Oaks (Madison Heights) 
Contains a 9-hole golf course, Water Park, off-leash dog park, cross-country skiing, soccer fields, pavilion rentals and clubhouse. 

Rose Oaks (Rose Township) 
Contains 640 acres, 4 miles of trail for hiking, recreational biking, cross-country skiing (ungroomed), horseback riding, hiking, fishing, non-motorized boats permitted (carry-in only) and wildlife viewing. 

Springfield Oaks (Davisburg) 
Features an 18-hole golf course, cross country skiing, picnic shelters, banquet facilities, activity center, community garden, Ellis barn. 

Waterford Oaks (Waterford Township) 
Contains 184 acres, over 3 miles of multi-use trail, platform tennis courts, volleyball courts, pavilion rentals, Lookout Lodge, Activity Center, Waterpark, BMX track; universally accessible Paradise Peninsula Playground and sledding hill. 

White Lake Oaks (White Lake Township) 
Features an 18-hole golf course, cross-country skiing, banquet facilities.

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